About the Author

Ashley N. Ruffin is a writer, a voracious reader, and a nerd of all trades. She has been published virtually nowhere (unless you count the poetry anthologies that included her work at ages 10 and 16, and she certainly doesn’t!), but is happy to dispense dubious writing advice on her blog all the same. When she’s not angsting about the writing process, you can typically find her procrastinating on social media. Or, y’know…actually writing, for once.

Ashley graduated from Wesleyan University more years ago than she’d like to admit, with a BA in English, and seems to always be in the process of writing her “first” novel (even when it’s really her tenth). She hopes that, despite the overt sarcasm, this hastily written third-person bio conveys at least a small degree of competence and/or proficiency in the fine art of word-wielding.

She is, despite everything, an optimist.